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I took this photo in The Lake District in 2010 (two points if you can identify the lake behind me).  It seems that I was unwittingly a bit of a pioneer of the arms-length selfie, ha ha ha.

I am an amateur photographer who enjoys visiting great places and trying to take half decent photographs.  I quite like getting up early in the morning to catch a sunrise, because even if the photography doesn't work out, it's usually a mellow experience.

In my day job I'm a forensic engineer, and I investigate the circumstances and causes of industrial accidents and road traffic collisions (Sisco Forensic Engineers Limited).  Sounds interesting, I know, and it is, but dealing with other people's misfortunes all the time can be a bit tiresome.  Getting out into the landscape to take photos is a perfect counterbalance.

I live in a small village near St Ives in Cambridgeshire, which is in East Anglia.  East Anglia is a bit flat, and doesn't have many jaw-dropping vistas, so most opportunities to take landscape photographs present themselves when I travel with my work, or on holiday.

I had this website made because I thought it was time I took my photography a little more seriously (by the way, excellent job with the website guys - please see Commotion Creative). I haven't sold any of my photographs yet, and I'm not sure that I will, but if any of you like what you see here enough to want to buy an image, please contact me via the contacts page. Who knows what the future will hold.

All of the photographs that I took in America and Australia were taken on holiday, I have been very fortunate in having had some fantastic holidays with my family. If anyone is thinking of visiting the west of America with landscape photography in mind, my advice? Start in Utah and head outwards in all directions in ever increasing circles (although San Francisco would be a fabulous place to start).

I have been inspired by many photographers, far too many (on Instagram for example) to list them all here, but those who deserve a special mention include QT Luong (link), Antony Spencer (link), Dustin LeFevre (link), Martine Hamilton Knight (link) and David Meunch (link).

Thanks for stopping by.